Sci Fi Sex Stars - 2000

  1. Rockit Miss USA (Madman Vs Speedranch)

  2. Love Missile F111

  3. Teenage Thunder

  4. Razz Crazy

  5. The Futures On Fire With Rock N Roll

  6. Monalisa Overdrive

  7. Youth Juice

  8. Suicide

  9. From The Gutter To The Stars

Originally a kinda pirate 12" single that sputnik put out... Sci Fi Sex Stars was our alter ego; we did some secret gigs under this name too. It’s a great name for a rock band.

The 12" single only had 3 tracks and bits of the terminator movie trailer.. there were only a 1000 copies and its really hard to find now. This CD was a supa-limited edition for sputnik fans.

The Rockit miss USA mix was remixed by Tony James in July 2000 and contains a whole load of movie samples/voices and dub effects, true to the tracks original concept of the lyric... violence and madness. It also contains lots of samples by the mad mixer DJ Speedranch. This is the ultimate rockit remix and clocks in at 9.30 mins.. a testament to the fun of Cubase and a new G4 computer... now we could finally do what sputnik always wanted... to play rock n roll and fuck it up in a computer!

Love missile mix is the best one ever, containing lots of samples of tracks..this was never before available. The DMC mix was done by Paul Dakeyne and contains excerpts from Amadeus, Rambo, Rocky Horror, classical waltzes, star trek...and so much more. Drives me mad cos its so great!

Teenage thunder is a longer more sputnik style version of the original flaunt it track.. I always hated the version on flaunt it!

The next 4 tracks were new tracks recorded in 1992. These resurfaced as re-recordings by the Next Generation project. They have Degville's original vocals and some real Blade Runner Sax by Gary Barnacle... RAZZ CRAZY was a stage favourite from the 80s... it was meant to be recorded on the 3rd album... we wrote it cos we discovered Prince and were covering "I'll never take the place of your man" live; I guess this was us trying it. Great to play live and we played it on the last Spanish tour... it was the spirit of the madness that was upon us then.

Suicide was our homage to the band that inspired us - Alan Vega and Marty in Suicide!

The last track was a mini documentary, put together on a 4 track by Magenta and Neal X on the living room floor at Pindock Mews... some great radio clips and I laugh at some of TJs outrageous claims... oh how you get carried away. Contains a great clip at the end from the leicester poly show where degville got taken to hospital.

A great package that tidies up lots of loose ends. Great T-Shirt too!