Blak Elvis - 2002

  1. Trailer

  2. King of Rock and Roll

  3. Hound Dogg

  4. Heartbreak Hotel

  5. Always on my Mind

  6. Burning Love

  7. All Shook Up

  8. Trouble

  9. Mystery Train

  10. Can't Help Falling in Love

  11. King of Rock and Roll (widescreen)

This was the idea.....

If elvis had a pink mohawk, read the Wild boys.... had a computer to fuck with HAL... smoked weed with Tapper Zukie ... danced with Donna Summer .... had Bolan, James Williamson and Bryan Gregory on guitar with 200 TV channels plugged into his brain - all playing John Waters movies, had the big beating drum machine locked on rock... where it was Japanese, Russian, it was out of this world, that anything was possible, loved distortion and the Cramps and Suicide and was born in post-Pistols Britain, the bastard child of Ziggy.. and all of it made and processed on the machines of the future....

Well you have to want the world... want it all, don't you?

That's where we came in... in 1985, watching blade runner on the video, with our tinny drum machine, a zebra skin guitar and a head full of glam... and dreaming of what rock and roll would sound like in the year Elvis 2050.

16 years later, it’s 2001. Now we have the computer power in our hand, G4, iBook... we can email every fan who ever bought a record of ours, can hear, see, and feel everything on the planet.... it would have been beyond our wildest dreams....

And I still want rock and roll to astound me.

So to make sense of where we at sputnik are going, to stop for a moment and remember what we were about, we decided to go back to our roots, go back to the music and ideas that inspired us... to work fast, be irreverent,  remember when tunes were simple...

...only use 3 chords, fuck convention, shriek into the space echo, unleash the hell of the Xbox on stun guitar, leave the keyboards switched off, use the drum machine instead of Cubase and play electronic rock and roll..

This is an aural record of 3 weeks in soho London... and after all these years, all those gigs, all those recording sessions.... its still the thing that excites us the most, to rock out when it's noise crazy...

Along with the brand new sputnik song "King of Rock and Roll" these are hardcore sputnik versions of the Elvis tracks that inspired us in those early days.