Dress for Excess - 1988

  1. Albinoni Vs Star Wars

  2. Boom Boom Satellite

  3. Jayne Mansfield

  4. Super Crook Blues

  5. Rio Rocks

  6. Success

  7. Dancerama

  8. Orgasm

  9. M*A*D

  10. Is This The Future

The second album...

It opens with ALBINONI Vs STAR WARS..I always had this dream of using Adagio as a Clockwork Orange type song.. But Hague (the producer) was tooooo vague and it took soooo long to make. First brush with a Mac in the mix! Great drum loop by X, actually the lyrics are mad ... I wrote them walking in Yorkshire and phoned them in on the mobile. It was originally inspired by a Goddard film called TARZAN Vs IBM... neither would let us use their brand name!

We'd saved Jayne Mansfield -- one of our favourite tracks from the early years -- for this record. We recorded it in the studio we built downstairs at my mews house. This track always defined the rock n roll of sputnik, the 12" mix is the definitive version with great voice samples and dub effects.