Flaunt It - 1986

  1. Love Missile F1-11

  2. 21st Century Boy

  3. Atari Baby

  4. Sex Bomb Boogie

  5. Rockit Miss USA

  6. Massive Retailiation

  7. Teenage Thunder

  8. She's My Man

Neal X flew to Los Angeles a week early to supervise the programming of the new tracks. Love Missile was being a huge hit everywhere and we didn't have the album ready, time was getting out of control.. remember Sputnik had no fat manager controlling everything / making moves - we managed ourselves - or rather I managed the group taking in Deg’s instinctive sense of style and X's music and practical sense and all the while there was me and magenta with that instinct of what was rock and roll... but really there was too much to do, I never stopped to breathe that year.

We all stayed at the Hyatt on Sunset the RIOT HOUSE we'd all read about in the Hammer of the Gods Zeppelin book. There's something magical about that limo ride in from LAX to town listening to the American radio ..KROQ had been mad for Love Missile and were playing it all the time.. we hooked up with Pam Turbov and Matt Dike who was a big fan of the band. They both came to the group’s first rehearsals in LA some months later. Matt went on to produce a huge hit "do the wild thing" for Tone Loc in his bedroom studio. it was strange creating Sputniks neon nightmare in the sunshine of LA..