We needed to write new songs. The thing is I still love that beat.. we needed to capture the true madness of what was great about the early SSS; the total dub guitar and that incessant big riff electronic beat... a huge Panza tank that absolutely will not stop! BUT.....but this was 15 years since those early sputnik demos, and it was sooo important to capture that essence again.

I always hate it when years after their last album one of your favourite groups makes a new record and it sounds completely different, like sophisticated-euck. Of course we had absorbed new ideas and technology.... we had to be creative - we couldn’t just churn out retreads of the old sputnik tracks with new lyrics. It’s the 21 century.. when the music scene is more exciting and varied than ever... with sound manipulation, an apple G4... now anything seemed possible.......

So the samplers smoked, the Matrix was on the Video and X was listening to the stooges again. X-ray eyeZ was the first track we wrote, where X played live guitar and I played the dub effects as he played. It seemed a new exciting direction.

We wrote a lot of songs during 2000, a lot of tracks that we eventually discarded. Tracks like "electronic rock and roll", "violence is Funky" and "Fashion Zoid" ...but they were too like the early material from 86.

This was our most acomplished CD to date, sounding great and still fresh... Slave trade, Everybody Loves U, Alien Christ and Alienation became instant live classics.