The First Generation (1990)

  1. Rockit Miss USA

  2. Sex Bomb Boogie

  3. 21st Century Boy

  4. Teenage Thunder

  5. She's My Man

  6. Love Missile F111

  7. Jayne Mansfield

  8. Ultra Violance

  9. Krush Groove Girls

  10. Rockajet Baby

  11. Rebel Rebel*

  12. Its My Planet*

  13. Techno Krash*

  14. Fashionzoid*

  15. 21st Century Boy* (video)

*Not included on all editions

The formative years of sputnik.. recorded in magentas living room on a 4 track porta studio it really captures the sound we wanted.. electronic rock n roll in dub.. even the dub effects came about because of the limitations of the porta studio.. the were only 4 tracks and the vocals and guitar were both sent into the space echo which returned to the same channel as the guitar which meant u could only have echoed vocals , echoed guitar or straight guitar at one time not all of them, .. it sounds complicated but if u listen to the record you can hear where the vocal dub effects drop out exactly as the guitar comes back in..

Later, when we recorded on 24 track, it was almost impossible to recreate these effects... The dubs on the demos are vastly superior! also digital echoes don't have the same feel as distorted analog.

these are all the demos recorded from 1983 onwards in search of 10 songs on the same beat!.. mixed at home while we watched videos all day.. neals using the 1953 gibson guitar that Mick Jones leant us, the fender twin amp in the bedroom...the relentless beat is still so great even when i listened to it today.. the album also has some later demos that were never released that were recorded in SSS experiment camp studios on 16 track

Re-released in 1997 and 2003. Alan from jungle wanted to do some more recording but we decided to add new tracks that I'd found in the vaults... I still wouldn't release the 12" mixes till i could do it properly.

After the first album we needed another single fast..we'd not written success yet. We had this idea of using the guy who produced ZZ Top!.. EMI flew him over from Memphis to meet us (they do that shit the big companies..)..there we all sat on the floor at Magentas mews house recording a "ZZ Top" version of the Bowie classic..we would go to Memphis to record..whatever came over us, the boys who wanted it all?? We canned the whole project, because it sounded... ordinary. It resurfaced in a remix on this Jungle release. Neal cut on the crowd noise from a cheap trick live album. Sorry guys. Is it all an illusion? ...yeah, but it’s great!