LOVE MISSILE F1-11 (12 mix)

When Moroder sent these to London on 1986 I could not stop playing them. He really got it. Of course he came from film and thats why we wanted him -- but this was wild. It’s why this was a huge hit; no rock n roll was ever this driving, this mad. No one has ever sounded like this still. Moroder loved the movie sample thing and went to town on the remixes lifting lots of bits from blade runner.. the Bankok remix has Japanese talking thru it was Moroder’s cleaning lady!

ATARI BABY (97 remix)

We always loved this track... inspired by suicide Moroder came up with the Backing track..we love that 8 beats to the bar Bassdrum...I always wanted to remix this track and Cubase VST let me do it..this has got lots of opera samples on it and new guitar parts from Mr X..i want to remix all the others now...its now in its full 8 minute glory now..magic

ROCKIT MISS U.S.A (Sci Fi Sex Stars remix)

Moroder tried to mix the album so the tracks sounded different which I thought lost the essence of this needed true relentless subway train actor friend of mine did the voices as the heat was on by then... the Bernard Hugo Goetz was a TV broadcast...this was always the best fun live... true madness... I'm talkin to you! (a new 9.30 min remix of this appears on the Sci-Fi Sex Stars Album..even better!)

BOOM BOOM SATELLITE (the ultra long dance mix)

Recorded at great Linford on a sunny day...this is great. a whole new beat... there is another shorter mix of this with the "message from the people of earth" voice over by Kurt Waldheim and loads of sequencer madness... its the version we would play live on the Brazilian Tour..

21st CENTURY BOY (German remix)

The German remix contains a brilliant Terminator type trailer at the start which Moroder made in about an hour while we went for a walk thru downtown LA ...then lots of other adverts that moroder made up. He was mad for the cut ups by now, throwing in everything he could.

What was Moroder on? there’s another unreleased mix called "horses".. it contains guitars being tuned, jazz piano, wild horses stampeding across the tracks... er..

ORGASM (long 12" mix and the jazz mix)

Spent weeks looking for samples of girls going "oh my god".. funny 6/8 time, then X did this kinda Gospel mix...


Only dirty Deg could come in and say "..but MarBELLA doesn't rhyme with Malaya tony" this has all sorts of mad voices and the "thieving Magpie " samples at the start.

DANCERAMA (long 12" Kashmir remix)

Originally rushed as a b side this track developed into true magic. The Kashmir remix has X in his Zeppelin period. It was mixed one day in Abbey road studios... then we got sexy Caroline Harper to come into the studio and recorded a second remix that day. She sat in the studio while TJ spoke to her thru the talkback asking rude questions... her voice has such innocent/ embarrassed magic. We then got great sax on one mix by Gary Barnacle -- its true Blade Runner (this version will come out eventually)

SEX BOMB BOOGIE (German remix)

This surfaced on the only vinyl release of this track.. on the German 12" with the sputnik vibrators on the cover!

X and I mixed this when Moroder went home.. "Dey all zound zee same " he complained... "Yeah, They're meant to." like the album but longer

RIO ROCKS (the rock and drugs mix)

We managed to stay in Rio for 2 weeks while we recorded a Samba version for Brazil. Was it ever a hit? who knows... but we had the best, wildest time down a disco called "Caligula"... me, X and Brazil's favourite product.