Ultra Real - 2003

  1. Mickey Mouse is going to hell

  2. SSSelebration

  3. Everybody wants what Sputnik Wants

  4. Family X

  5. Violence is FUN(ky)

  6. Amazing Lover

  7. Suicide SSShow

  8. Fabulously WaSSSted

  9. Original Freekster

  10. Anything goeSSS

Piratespace, released in 2001, had seen us experiment with expanding the SSS style, absorbing what we had learnt in the intervening years before reforming. With Blak Elvis we had gone back to our roots, experimenting on Suicide's blueprint of electronic rock and roll... but I guess our hearts always lay in the songs we first wrote: Love Missile, Rocket USA, Jayne Mansfield, with their almost rockabilly tradition of song structure and the driving electronic bass we developed using the old 808 and pro 1 synth - known as the SSS Spacebass... it’s what was so original about sputnik, that dddddaddd sound - no one else sounds like that and.. know what... I love it still, still searching for the 1 note riff! the ultimate in rock and roll...

So we went back to writing the tracks without a sampler, no loops like we used on Piratespace, just the 3 of us sitting in Degville's flat in covent garden, with an accoustic guitar, a drum macinne and the spacebass. We even decided we must write back in central London, not TJ’s house in somerset, writing right in the center of town - the city big beat.