As in Life....

And so we reach the final blog for this free to download version of the DemoBomb album. I know there are more demos in my studio somewhere living with spiders, more hard to find versions of recordings at the end of corroding cassettes. Another time.

If you’ve followed these writings for these past 20 weeks or so I hope it’s given you some insight into my thoughts and the ideas behind the Ups and Downs of Life in Sputnik. The pleasure and the pain. What it really takes to make it. Is it just luck as some would have you believe, just being in the right place at the right time? Is it divine intervention? Is it an unbelievable amount of self motivation and hard work? I believe it is a bit of all of those things.

There are so many stories I could still tell looking back at my diaries of those days, of the observations of the life that the six of us led, as well as its effect on the lives of everyone involved in that incredible journey. One day perhaps I’ll put all this into a book with even more self reflection and insight.

Creating a band from conception is like a journey up a mountain. I had already lived through that journey once before with my time and experiences with Generation X, my previous band to Sputnik, which started way back in the mid seventies. I learnt a lot about the effects of fame, success and sometimes the pain that comes with the realities inside the music industry. But it’s also the story of the closeness that is born with those who are to become literally like brothers when you start a group together. I can look back with such insight now at the developing relationship I had with Billy Idol from the first day we met when he opened the door of his parent’s house in Bromley with that lovely smile on his face. Right from the wonder of success to the seemingly inevitable heartbreaking, painful and confused end of our band years later.