7 January 2013

New T-Shirts in the Sputnik Store

Launching today, a brand new range of expertly-reproduced vintage Sputnik T-Shirts. TJ BoSSS explains all:

“In a spider web infested corner of the studio in Somerset were three big black bin bags.  Amazingly, they contained every Sputnik T shirt I'd ever designed and worn.  Lots of them never touched since those heady days of 86.  So we've been able to recreate all the original vintage Sputnik shirts in absolutely perfect detail, down to the size of the print and the actual colours. We’ve had them printed by one of the most reputable and reliable outlets, on the best quality shirts. 

I've seen quite a few bootleg Sputnik shirts on sale from extremely dubious sources over the years.  Well, I'm excited to be able to say that these are the real thing. First up is the original "Rambo Child" shirt I wore in all those photos in 1986, along with the new 2013 Logo shirt. There will soon be more original vintage designs to follow.” 

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