CHAPTER 12: You are ....Human!

Back in the UK and Degville was back from Japan, where Magenta assured me they had all “loved” him. I had a vision of all those super-polite, respectful Japanese people meeting the new Martin and could only hope it was true. Here, it was business as usual and they may have been giving us a hard time in England but over in Germany they still really loved us and the single was being a huge hit. We were to fly to Munich for a live broadcast on the networks biggest pop TV show “Formula Eins”

Formula Eins loved Sputnik, even though on our previous visit, for their anniversary party, Degville and Mayhew had climbed on to the table which held the big, beautiful anniversary cake, destroyed it and everything around it and then got in a fight with Matt Bianco. But happily the Germans viewed this as just business and as we know success gets you everywhere, however badly you behave, so back we were going to go.

The plan was that the band would fly in to Munich and be picked up by two helicopters, three of us in each, to land just outside the TV studios. Then, there would be six motorcycles waiting to drive each of us, fully dressed and ready to perform directly on to the set. Spectacular. Two songs on the biggest show in Germany.

Timing, they assured me, was everything as it was all live. Not a problem...


We were to fly to Munich for a live broadcast on the network’s biggest pop TV show, “Formula Eins”...