In retrospect, it was a completely mad idea to only release it on VHS... but I was fearless and again, no one was reigning me in. I’m not blaming anyone, merely stating a fact. And then there were the three singles, all on the same 192 beat. Perversely marvellous but quite insane when I look back. Maybe I could get to meet Arnie when I’m next in L.A. I mused as we watched the footage.

Because that was where I was next headed.

On a plane to L.A again, this time with the twenty or so other people who were now part of the crew and entourage, off to live it large in Hollywood. We even took Japanese Ultravixen Ace, who we’d decided was not really a roadie, hampered as she was by the 6 inch fingernails, she was now on wardrobe duties and would occasionally run on stage and adjust Degville’s hair. Everyone was part of it and we made sure everyone who had been there from the beginning was in on the payoff, the whole Ultra Crew. And boy did we live large.

Also we now had some management help in the form of David Krebbs. David had managed Aerosmith and had been introduced to me by the new head of EMI Rupert Perry, I had an immediate affinity with him and I believe it was his faith that kept us alive as things started to get really tough in later years.