How I bought an Apple Mac computer and changed my life.... It was the resurrection of sputnik... the internet!

Chapter 19: Out of the Blue

As I sat amongst the debris of the crashed Starship Sputnik, I had plenty of time to contemplate where and how it had all gone wrong and how the dream had crashed so badly and so quickly when it had all been flying so high and so fast... and as I sit here writing this history nearly thirty years later, watching the videos on YouTube, rereading the press and going through all the old diaries from that time -- With hindsight -- I’ve been given an insight that would have been impossible at the time.

When I dreamed that dream and sat all those days in the cafe in Shepherds Market, scribbling in the little red book, like some mad scientist, I could concentrate only on the formula and as we have seen, the formula was good, Once I had created that baby Sputnik, had all the components in place and flicked the switch to bring it alive, it never occurred to me to observe how it was growing, how all those very different personalities, plucked from obscurity and suddenly placed on a very big stage, were evolving. I never once stopped to listen or to ask what they were feeling or what they thought of me. My eye was always on the next move, the next big idea and how to get it there. Like a very bad single parent, I was never home and I can’t help thinking that if there had been someone there, for me and for the rest of the group, someone who could communicate between them and me a whole lot better than I could, than maybe some of worse habits that developed later, the bad attitudes, the unreliability and the complete lack of discipline that is so crucial if a band is to survive could have been avoided.

But hey, as we know hindsight is a wonderful thing. I am what I am.