And that continues to this day. Take a look on Youtube and read the thousands of comments attached to the original Love Missile video, with its millions of views, as new fans discover the band every day.

Will History prove us Right?  I’d like to think so. When I look back at those early videos and photographs of the band, I still get a shiver down the spine. It was a magical time when belief and the confidence that comes from that belief when you just KNOW that what you have created is extraordinary, means that for one perfect moment, you can hold the whole world in your hands - or at least believe you can and after all - isn’t believing half of the game.....

It’s still the same today, you just need to add a laptop. Or is that an iPhone or an iPad?  What you most certainly never do is start out on any creative venture for the money because it just doesn't work that way. I didn’t set out to form the biggest group in the world.  I didn't set out to be rich and famous.  I set out to form the group of my dreams.  I was basing the anarchic concept on the groups that I loved at the time The Cramps, Suicide and the Sex Pistols.  These were cult groups, not the massive sellers. I realise now, looking back, that groups that set out to be anarchic burn out really quickly.


Back then we would have been happy to perhaps sell enough CDs to get into the top fifty.

The music business game that I once thought I knew - even if I realise today with hindsight that I never really knew it at all - at least not the Machiavellian seething underbelly side of the business, is changing and mutating so rapidly today that not even the suits can keep up.

It was about chart position once, album sales, then it was CDs, MP3s, Youtube, Spotify.... Even I find it hard to keep up anymore and that’s how it should be. Tomorrow belongs to the next generation of dreamers, schemers and creatives like me and they are all out there somewhere, doing just what I was doing all those years ago, except this time the technology is all in their hands - they are free to do just what they want and free from the tyranny of the record labels who will steal their souls and sign them away for ever.  I can’t wait to see what the future looks like.

I know one thing though. The Starship Sputnik will live forever, immortalised in cyberspace where it truly belongs..... And I’m really proud of that.

Tony James

Summer 2012

[One last thing...]