We went and saw Rob Hallet who had been one of my original agents from Generation X about getting some low-key live shows to try things out. He worked with Duran now and the agency was called Performance (perfect movie name sign).

We played three secret gigs at colleges. We used real drums, real bass with a kind of space voodoo image and we are supporting the band New Model Army. We use the Clash roadie Flea and a Ford transit and in true tradition we all drove to the gigs in the back with the equipment. Mick mixed the sound at the shows.

Those college students didn't know what hit them!

By chance the band is mentioned in one of the mainstream music paper’s gossip columns but we are called the HOT DOGS. God knows why. We go down like nothing on earth because this is like nothing on earth. And you know what was so great? Even though we had no proper songs yet, nor had we developed our Sputnik sound, when you have something special you really know it and this was magical. We were on our way but we needed a proper name.

[Chapter 4...]