CHAPTER 5: A Video Nasty

We needed proper rehearsal rooms and a place to hang out just like they did in those old Cliff Richard films I explained matter-of-factly to everyone. The Pistols had their place, the Clash had Rehearsal Rehearsal in Camden. All the greats have a base - a HQ to plan and hang out. Degville rang to say he and Yana had found somewhere and it was just around the corner, 500 yards from where Magenta and I were living at the Mews, 18 rooms for a ludicrously small amount of rent and it just needed decorating. It was fate. 392b Harrow Road is born... (I still chuckle that the only flaw in my grandiose scheme of things was that the ultimate Sputnik Corporation HQ was at 392 “B” - I bet Steve Jobs wouldn’t have had an address like that!)