We were also hanging out at The Embassy Club having adopted a special night called “Astral Flight”. Even that name seemed to fit in with SSS world. We were there all the time, our crowd growing, wearing the clothes and the T-Shirts. Of course we could perform late night shows there too. (Michael D. Bernard who ran it is a big deal photographer in L.A now - he took some amazing pics of Carbon/Silicon when we were at Cochella in 2008). Fittingly the female Star of Mad Max II, Virginia Hey came there one night (I got nowhere with her before you ask - tried though...). One night Magenta brought an American star and his Manager, Steve Fargnoli down to the Club. She was Prince’s UK PR in those days. I tried to strike up rock chat with the diminutive one but he is the ultimate man of few words, I think I got a polite , softly spoken “hello” but the club was that kind of place, where these people would just turn up to see what the buzz was and Sputnik was King of the Night.

We even formed another group to be our support act.

The group was to be called The Transexual SS...Now they would truly scare people! Mad LISA the transsexual (and in case you ever doubted that, she used to prove it all the time...), the girl with the wild throaty laugh who hung out with the band in the early days would be the singer. Danny, another Kensington Market boy would play an attack guitar, by literally just bashing his guitar with whatever was to hand which was understandable, given that he’d never played an instrument before. We created a backing track for them to perform over. This was Performance Art after all. A 20- minute version of Wild Thing. So very appropriate.

They opened for us when we played the Mars Bar, a gangster dive in Praed Street Paddington. They're mentioned in the Record Mirror review. Basically they would come on looking great and visually, sonically, and sexually attack the audience. It created a real vibe for us to come on to. The element of danger and surprise we needed.


3 great posters. Note Yana doing a Cramps guitar pose.