CHAPTER 7:  A Still-Unlimited Supply

We certainly played it well and soon the whole media was catching on to Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Fast. Well they would do wouldn’t they. I’d built it brilliantly. All those hours planning, finding the future stars, being fanatical about detail, the 6 foot tall female roadies, Mad Max in Blade Runner and to cap it all a celebrity couple (in the days when you actually had to be talented at something to be a celebrity). Sputnik was the greatest movie about to open.... So when the media finally take a look, boy was there a lot to see and write about.

The planets were aligned for us like they are maybe once in a lifetime. My Sputnik vision, that dream I’d had all that time ago was about to become a household name and I hadn’t paused to take a breath for months. Knowing how fast the pace was gathering, it occurred to me that we had better sign a huge deal quick and get a record out.

I was already lawyered up. Brian Carr, one of the most formidable music lawyers, lawyer to The Clash, Spandau, Sade, the list was endless, was the man. He looked like Abraham Lincoln and his office was in Staple Inn, a real magical olde worlde legal land. I liked the juxtaposition of very old and very new. I looked and I loved it. Perfect, we were in Dicken’s territory and I certainly had Great Expectations...

And Brian knew we were holding all the cards with a pretty perfect hand. A phenomena was about to explode and that is very sexy which is why everyone wanted in. And although my prime concern was not financial, I honestly wasn’t that interested in money in those days, Brian knew to go in and get the biggest deal possible.


So the game was now well and truly on....