Piratespace - 2000

  1. Welcome To The 21st Century

  2. Everybody Loves U

  3. Slave Trade

  4. Alienation

  5. Cyberthief

  6. Up 4 It

  7. X-Ray EyeZ

  8. Spaced Out

  9. Demon Seed

  10. How Do You Dream, Little Caesar

  11. Alien Christ

The first new Studio album from sputnik V2.0 was programmed and recorded at Sputnikworld Studios in Somerset during 1990-2000.

"Pirate Space - the space where Super- Highwaymen, Musicians and Mavericks dance. The internet gave us back the power. Information is freedom; communication one-on-one. We watched Napster laugh at venture capital and old fashioned ideas about copyright and worried record companies. We laughed at governments trying to catch lightning..."

The internet changed our lives... and getting an apple G4 computer did too. Suddenly we could record ourselves in our own studio. I had just built a studio in a barn at our house near Glastonbury in Somerset and suddenly we could record in our own space, away from everyone...