The Ultimate 12" Collection - 2003

Track listing:

  1. Love Missile (Ultraviolance)

  2. Jame Mansfield (extended)

  3. Atari Baby (97 Remix)

  4. Rocket Miss USA (Sci Fi Sex Stars)

  5. Satellite (extended)

  6. 21st Century Boy (German remix)

  7. Orgasm (extended)

  8. Supercrook Blues (extended)

  9. Dancerama (Kashmir remix)

  10. Sex Bomb Boogie (video single)

  11. Rio Rocks (heavy)

When we first recorded all these tracks, special sections of guitars, vocals and sound effects were made so that extra long mixes could be created. Rather than mere remixes, these would feature whole new guitar solos, voices, dub effects etc... capturing the real madness of the time, the way the band played live back then. It was the pursuit of true wildness... to realise the dream...

"How would the rock and roll band of the 21st century sound?"