7 January 2013

DemoBomb Detonation

“I've always been a hoarder of every bit of Sputnik history from recordings to photos and films. So in one long exhumation I went through every scratchy cassette and demo recording I could find, every scraping of the barrel, utterance and guitar bleep. No musty decaying box was left unturned from my barn or my parent’s loft in my childhood home.  I'm so glad I kept everything.  And that really is everything.   In one insane week I finally found the time to go through the hundreds of hours of recordings and digitise and master anything that told a story . Madness or genius?  Well for me, as a fan, I'm always interested in the complete story.  I've got every bootleg and pirate recording of the New York Dolls and The Stooges I could find and so I hope real fans of SSS might find that these complete recordings fill in the blanks and  provide a few lost gems previously missing from this long journey of ours.” - TJ

DemoBomb contains 37 previously-unheard tracks, including Outrageous, Surfin’ in the City, Discomania, RubberHead, Sicky Sarah, Space Punk Candy Man and many more.

This is going to be a long ride, week by week. We are going to make it available for free for you - the real believers. Don't let anyone else try and sell this story to you. 

So buckle up Frankenstein. Throw the Switch. We got Electronic Rock and Roll to listen to...

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