CHAPTER 15: When in Doubt, go to Paris

Just to go a bit more left field, we also got in Stephen Hague who had produced, amongst others, New Order and Peter Gabriel to work on another bit of madness, a version of the Albinoni Classic Adagio. I renamed it ‘Tarzan Vs IBM’ only to find both brand names were copyrighted and I couldn’t use them. It eventually became Albinoni Vs Star Wars. Stephen came into our studio with the first Mac computer I had ever seen and seemed to spend forever programming it. I lost interest very rapidly, but the track opens the album and X programmed some great drum loops and guitars on part two.

For a bit of R&R we took the obvious course, got the full team together and we all went to Paris for three nights at a club on Pigalle called Le Locomotive. Great gigs.

We were increasing the dangerous game by being off the front pages and out of the charts for so long but there seemed no way to speed things up with the new releases. New groups came and went through the music papers whilst the mighty Starship Sputnik waited, stranded on the runway, waiting for takeoff again. We were still churning through the record advances though at an alarming speed, with an ever changing, seemingly ever expanding office of employees on the PAYE payroll.

I knew I could not rely on a series of press releases to help us this time around. It had to be just about the music as I had stated. Although me being me, I would do my damnedest to package it up in order to raise some eyebrows and excitement.


1987 blurred into 1988, and it had been two years since the massive success of Love Missile...

The Locomotive Club, Paris