Much as the new people were good at what they did in the office, as with the old team at EMI, I yearned for the safety of the old faces. By now, JSP had poached Magenta to be on her Network 7 television program and she eventually also became the face of the Rough Guides travel shows. Mag was always such a STAR, it didn’t surprise me at all that she would go on to be a huge TV personality and I had wished her nothing but love and success when she left, but now I realised for the first time just how crucial she had been to everything, how much I had trusted her and how much I missed her measured input. I have never really given Magenta all the credit she deserves for what she did both for me and the band and I want to set that straight.

I don’t really know what Kavanagh, Mayhew and Yana were doing all through this period. They took no part in the creative process or recording. I don’t even know if they wanted to, but they were getting paid the same as everyone else and like everyone else, they were enjoying living the life that success had brought them.

My life was different too now and to use a cliche, I wasn’t hanging out on the street any more, I was becoming out of touch. Sure, I was getting great input of course from some of the really smart people I was now socialising with because of Janet, people like Charles Saatchi, Micheal Grade and in the music world we had become close friends with Tom Watkins the manager of Pet Shop Boys. All great, but it wasn’t Bryan Gregory and the Cramps anymore if you get my meaning.