All this overlaying of too many ideas caused the single to slip back a couple of weeks into the crucial Christmas rush. It started strong, getting lots of play on radio and entered in the top thirty at 22 just in time for our London show at the Astoria. Tom Watkins introduced us on stage with the immortal words “I’m a fat cunt and this is Sigue Sigue Sputnik”.

But we’d lost our balls. Remember back in 85 where I was happy if our record was banned. “It should be banned. I don't want my record played by a load of straight old fart Radio 1 DJs, along with all the other shit in the charts” I had crowed back in the heady first days. Well now those old farts got their revenge.

Now I wanted ...needed... a hit, because after all the mouthing off, all the grandious schemes and big plans for the future, there was a giant queue of people behind me, waiting in line to dance on our grave if we weren't a ‘Success’. Ironic title really isn’t it? ...and I needed it to inspire that new set of execs at EMI, the ones who’d missed the glory days when it was all going so right and there was a real danger that we were about to become nothing more than yesterday’s news.

But things weren’t all bad... X was trying to get off with the model Marie Helvin, and the single held its position for another week and then slipped back under the Christmas radar....

[Chapter 17...]