CHAPTER 17: We’re off to Brazil Then...

We did more shows right up until Christmas and I kept up the bravado but inside I knew we were loosing it. 1989 seemed to slip by even though we still released more singles. Home life with JSP was also taking a turn for the worse.

Dancerama with its brilliant cartoon manga like cover and futuristic video, shot in Paris and based on the sci fi film La Jette did something to claw back some substance, but it was still filmed running around Paris in the sunshine, still a world away from my original vision.

All hopes of some kind of success in America had faded away too. I still don’t understand why we did not go back to the States and play more tours which was the only way to break through there. All that expectation and I never ever passed through the doors of Manhattan records again. Later I heard EMI had closed them down. To this day I have no idea what happened, what happened with the management and the planned shows. I bet it was all on our tab somewhere.

However we were still feeling up because for some obscure reason we’d sold lots and lots of records, platinum even, in - ironically - Sunny Brazil and a tour was planned. I was loosing any control of the organisation by this stage. I think I just couldn’t handle it any more, wanted to be like the others, just a guy in the band having a great time with someone else taking care of business. Except there was no one else to do that, so I decided to bring in an “experienced” tour manager for Brazil.


We seemed to be following a similar trajectory to the Pistols, right down to their tour of the USA and finishing with a jaunt to Brazil....